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Esty Socolovsky entered my life with a radiant smile and a grand vision. As a Makeup Artist, influencer, and empowered woman, she aspired to launch a cosmetic brand featuring professional materials and formulas catering not only to makeup artists but also to everyday women who embrace makeup in their daily routines.

Together, we curated a comprehensive product line that prioritized quality and a seamless user experience. Infusing sophistication and glamour into the collection, we opted for a golden finish and chalky suede, resulting in a product that exudes luxury. The mesmerizing looks and soft velvet touch of the collection leave an indelible impression.

This project spanned a considerable duration, involving meticulous processes such as component selection, production, formula development, and comprehensive branding. The collaboration with Esty was integral to the project's success. Handling every aspect from start to finish, this project stands as one of my most comprehensive endeavors. The final outcome surpassed our expectations, delivering a result that was both greater and more thrilling than anticipated.

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